New group and rank

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New group and rank

Post  EternalWings on Tue Jun 16, 2009 9:51 am

A new group and rank has been created.
The "VIP Stars" rank

What is the VIP rank?

people in this group & rank has the right to access the VIP Section on this forum.
They will have access to special badges only sold in the VIP Section.
Also other special rights to buy in the VIP Section, including Moderating your own group.
They will also be able to access the meeting section, the place where we discuss what we're going to do with our forum, they will be able to join our meetings.

How to be a VIP Star?

Well there will be competitions held that we might give out this rank, but this will be very rare.
Or if your a person that contributes a lot to this forum.
or we feel that you're special and you deserve this rank ^^

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