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Post  EternalWings on Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:33 am

HK Stars:

Songs Download
-A Great Way to Care, The Threshold of a Persona

[Facts] You Might Know
-Just some facts

Songs, MVs
-songs, MV download links

Ron Ng & Raymond Lam Living Together!?
-Magazine translations

Fala Chen Cross Dress as a man

Selena, Tavia & Kenneth "Iron Horse" Blessing Ceremony
-Videos clip and translations

Michael Tse performs actions scenes without using a substitute

Jap Stars

Ninkyo Helper (Yabu Kota in it)
-New Drama with Kota Yabu

Ryo & Yamada will be in 24H TV drama
-Yamada & Ryo to be in the new 24hrs tv drama

NYC Boys new temp unit
-A new unit from johnny's with HSJ's Chinen & Yamada

Magazine translations
-July 09 Issues Japanese magazine translations here. including translations for, HSJ, NEWS, ARASHI & KAT-TUN

Last day studio filming of "Beyond the Realm of Conscience
-Translation from her blog

TW Stars

You can chat with Fahrenheit face to face on the offical website!?
-Truth behind the rumor, finally answered.


-SHE & Hey Girl MVs here

-translations incluse, lollipop, morning musme in taipei, HIM & Fahrenheit

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