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Post  Eternal Snow on Sun Aug 02, 2009 6:14 am

Me and EternalWings have started a Manga directory. She has been managing a LV version and I have managed a Wordpress version.

Manga Directory Sm851s

Live Journal:

Please visit one, Both posts are the same but different layouts and version. I hope you enjoy staying there. Our Manga Directory provides scanlations of mangas that are not translated for dropped ones.
So if you'd like to request us to translate one, please visit on of the versions and click on "Request Form" and complete the form out.

Also, I'd like to say. We are going to open a graphics shop. Further details will be on our new update. But we can tell you that we are going to make graphics such as icons, banners etc and put them on sale for Stars. But we are still planning. It might not even go ahead. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Just simply leave a post on this post.

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