Grand Opening & Updates

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Grand Opening & Updates

Post  Eternal Snow on Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:30 am

Welcome to "Eternal Stars"! I hope you will enjoy this forum. This forum is divided into a few sections. There is a HK section and I am the moderator for that section. As for Jap, it's EternalWings and TW is greentealuv. And yes we are the admins. We hope you enjoy exploring through this forum and check out our new updates! Also, other sections incide, Anime/Manga, Games.
Our forum was opened on the 8th of June 2009. We were too busy constructing our forum. It is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION. So not everything is there. Thanks for reading.

We have updated:
- JSG Top 10 Songs [June 12th 2009] + Download Links
- Raymond Lam - Let's Get Wet [DOWNLOAD LINK]
- [Variety Show] Beautiful Cooking II [DOWNLOAD LINK]
- TVB Dramas [JL2, RB, TTOAP, AGWTC]

- Tegomass Single & Album
- Tegomass Concert 09
- Yuma w/ B.I Shadow
- NYC Boys new temp unit

- Love Bread

You can find all this informationwe have updated from the forum section. Please go and check it out now! If you're not a member yet, go and register!! Thanks.
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