Todays updates

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Todays updates

Post  EternalWings on Fri Jun 19, 2009 4:46 pm

HK sections

-[QUIZ] Which guy suits you from TVB?

-Selena Li poses like a real sexy model for new slimming ads

-[VIDEO CLIPS] Raymond Lam's Concert

-Tavia Yeung is regret that her father did not have chance to lead a comfortable life

Jap Section

-"Atsuhime" writer chosen for NHK's 2011 taiga drama

-Shingo's "Kochikame" character promotes police campaign

-Hikaru in j-drama Orthros no Inu

-EXILE tops sales ranking for first half '09

-Tsunku also reviving Tanpopo, Petit Moni

-Perfume's Kashiyuka seeing photographer

-B'z does "Buzzer Beat" song

-Southern All Stars' Yuko Hara sings solo for NTV drama


-NYC single covers

-Aqua Timez continues with "Gokusen"

-Morimoto's mobile phone case update

-09 July Duet (Nakajima Yuto)

TW Section

-S.H.E - Locked In Time

-S.H.E - 爱的地图 / Map of Love Album

-Asia’s Premier Female Group S.H.E Releases First Digital Album in 2009

-Jiro and Jinglun brave lives filming Momo Love

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Re: Todays updates

Post  Eternal Snow on Sat Jun 20, 2009 4:38 am

the tw section alwyas have the least updates.. lol


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