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Post  greentealuv on Sun Jun 14, 2009 1:22 pm

Hey everyone Greentealuv desu~

I'm a main moderator for the taiwan section and I will do my best to provide you guys with the best, newest and fastest informations about EVERYTHING about Taiwan! (But please don't put toooo much pressure on me ><)

Well my interests are EVERYTHING about jap, jpop, j-dorama etc. Also Most things about Taiwan and some from Hong Kong as well. I fI am really REALLY bored then I will even start downloading kpop and k-dramas XDD

My fav food are ice-crea, cup-cake, sushi, hashbrown and much MUCH more which I cbb typing it all out and I think even you don't really care about all of them right? =P ebjoy this forum and I hope you will like it!

m( )m

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